Tamil Educational Cultural and Charitable Association (refer

Tamil Educational Cultural and Charitable Association (refer

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The Tamil Educational Cultural and Charitable Association (referred to as TECCA) was established in 2002 as a non-profit charity organisation to provide various programs and services for the Tamil Community in Melbourne particularly Tamils living in the Northern and Western regions of Melbourne, Australia.

Since its inception, Tecca has been actively involved in providing a variety of educational, social, cultural and charitable programs for its members while catering to the needs of newly arrived immigrants, organising Youth programs and undertaking many Aged Care and Family Support projects in wider Tamil community.

Some of our major accomplishments so far include:

•Establishing a traditional place of worship for the Tamil community by acquiring land and starting construction of KUNDRATHU KUMARAN TEMPLE (also known as Rockbank Murugan Temple) at 139 Gray Court, Rockbank, VIC- 3335.

•Offering educational programs for our children to gain better understanding and appreciation of their roots by learning more about Tamil language, culture and traditions while growing up in multicultural Australian society.

•Establishment of Tecca Music Academy which now offers formal training in the rich traditions of Tamil Music, both vocal and instrumental. Instrumental music classes currently offer training in traditional musical instruments like Mridangam (type of percussion instrument) and Violin.

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